Writing 30-Day Challenge ~ Day 14

Day 14 ~ Some of your favourite movies that you never get tired of watching

I’ll do a list of fifteen of my favourites and they range from old musicals to kung fu movies and to newer releases.

I am not listing these in any particular order:

~ The King and I
~ Sound of Music
~ State Fair
~ My Fair Lady
~ Enter the Dragon
~ The Rocky Horror Picture Show

~ Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
~ Once Upon a Time in China
~ The Mummy
~ Boondock Saints 1 & 2
~ Guardians of the Galaxy
~ The Avengers
~ Secretly, Greatly (Korean)
~ Ore, Ore (Japanese)

The new Star Trek movies and the Harry Potter movies are definitely close to being on this list as well!

And basically any movie that Jackie Chan or Jet Li has ever done *smirk smirk*


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