Writing 30-Day Challenge ~ Day 13

Day 13 ~ What are you excited about?

I am excited about running my first (and most likely last 😛 ) half marathon at the beginning of September. The furthest distance I have ever run is 11 km so this is definitely going to be a challenge for me and something that I can mark off my Bucketlist too!
I suppose I could change my mind as training goes on for this and actually come to love running this long on a regular basis, but keeping my runs to 30-50 minutes now seems to be the most enjoyable for me. This is especially true if I don’t have a blister formed or forming as that makes for a super uncomfortable run!

I picked one in the area that I knew wouldn’t be a full-on trail route so I wouldn’t have to worry about tripping over nature; and one earlier in the fall so my nose wouldn’t be running non-stop from the cold.

I have about six months to train and get myself up to twice the distance I have ever run so I am not to concerned about being able to do it. I do want to be able to finish in two and a half hours at most. I am shooting for just over two hours now in my head (I’m sure the reality won’t be the same) as my 10 km is still sitting under an hour, but I wanted to make a bare minimum goal and a ‘perfect world’ goal.

Kelowna Wine Country Half Marathon – Registration


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