Hero’s Journey ~ Day 42

I am incredibly sore today! Especially in my hips, triceps, and core *WOWZA*

Super glad that the exercises for Hero’s Journey today weren’t particularly difficult. It’s a Karma Day and I decided to pick Option B: Split the Forces, which was 40 jump cross punches and 20 climber taps. Sticking with Level 2 still so 7 sets of those!

Because I choose Option B I get to cut my sets by one (if I choose to) on Day 59. Honestly I may just forget about it, in fact that is very, very likely hahaha

I actually liked the climber taps surprisingly, considering I loathe mountain climbers so much!
I think it might be because it engages my core so that’s probably the reason I like them…. I do love working my core!!

Total Abs was a lower back day, so less sets but still on Level 3 *thumbs up*

And a simple 10 minutes of meditation for the Meditation Challenge too 🙂


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