Hero’s Journey ~ Day 40

I can’t believe that I am already up to Day 40 in the Hero’s Journey Program! I’m two-thirds done and the days are just zipping by quickly now it seems!

Part one was a core workout that I got through fairly fast and Part two was standing on one foot, with arms out to sides, with eyes closed for a minute. It sounds incredibly easy but it’s not!!

I decided to do this part twice so I could do both legs and realized that my right is far stronger than my left.
I had an inkling about this already but not to this degree, so now this is something I definitely need to work on!

Level 3 on Total Abs was good today! It was challenging so for me that equals fun 😛

The Meditation Challenge was Equal Breathing and 5 minutes of meditation. I think the time duration jumps up before the end of this week and I am looking forward to it!


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