Hero’s Journey ~ Day 39

Day 39 of Hero’s Journey on Level 2 (7 sets) was actually rather tough today. I looked at it last night and again this morning and thought “piece of cake” and yah… not really the case!

My shoulders and upper back are not impressed with me at the moment… and I did a good warm-up before getting into it as well!

30 minutes of non-stop movement involved running laps and stairs, jumping jacks, high knees, mountain climbers, push-ups, walking lunges, burpees, punches, kicks, dips, and sit-ups. Most of these were repeated at least three times. The laps and jumping jacks were I used to get my breathing back under control to focus on a harder activity. The time actually went by quickly, especially helped that I had some good tunes going on *thumbs up*

Total Abs was only a set amount of Flutter Kicks (260 reps) today and I zipped those out quickly in between my HJ sets.

And another 5 minutes (+ OM Mantra) for Meditation Challenge!


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