Hero’s Journey ~ Day 38

I did Hero’s Journey on Level 3 (10 sets) instead of Level 2 (7 sets) today. The goal today was to work on speed so it was 60 punches in 30 seconds and 90 high knees in 30 seconds.
Not terribly difficult for me at all as I am doing well above the required amount for each of these exercises already, but the Daily Dare was a good pick on Darebee today!

50 squat hops this morning. It actually was easier than I thought it would be, but as soon as I took on step afterwards my leg almost gave out haha
Clearly a great move for the ass 😛

Total Abs was a simpler day, which was nice because my obliques and lats are killing me ~ ~ ~ so sore, holy smokes!

Day 8 for the Meditation Challenge and it continues to be relaxing. It seems like I’ve just closed my eyes and gotten completely chill when the alarm goes off telling my time is up.
It is honestly really surprising that I am enjoying this so much as I am the type of person to rarely ever simply sit and essentially do nothing. Or, even doing one thing at once is a challenge for me.
So, it is very out of character for me, but I am glad that I am liking it!


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