Hero’s Journey ~ Day 37

Level 2 with slow reps for the first part of Hero’s Journey this morning, it had my arms and core shaking like crazy! I picked pull-ups (doing 10 reps again!), free weights with 35 lbs, and turning kicks for the second part, Weapons’ Practice today.

I decided against doing planks today as the Total Abs exercises were actually pretty challenging for me on Level 3. This is the first time since I started this program, so figured I wouldn’t like to be super sore tomorrow making tomorrow’s daily stuff even harder than it needed to be!

Finished the 7-Day Micro HIIT Program today, it ended with a ton of burpees!! My shoulders are definitely feeling a bit tight this evening that’s for sure!

I am continuing on with the Meditation 30-Day Challenge, still loving it so much 😀


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