Hero’s Journey ~ Day 35

Today has been where I seem to be just going from one thing to next with no real break between anything. Things definitely got done, but I am tired and my toothache has gotten extremely bad again!!

Day 35 was 2 parts for today’s Hero’s Journey.

First part was three trials (push-ups, squats, sit-ups) with each exercise to failure with a 30 sec break for a total of 3 sets apiece. The sit-ups were the easiest for me and the squats were the hardest…

Second part was wall-sit to failure and again for three sets.

Total Abs wasn’t too tough today and I continued on with Level 3, but it seemed fairly time-consuming though.

Fifth day on 7-Day Micro HIIT and that was side leg raises.
So, again not difficult, but it took up more time than I would have liked.

I did a really short run at the track, only about 2.7 km 😦
I can’t seem to get my feet comfortable in either pair of my sneakers right now and have a constant set of blisters. *Grrrrrrrrrrrr*

It’s getting a little frustrating that these little nubs are keeping my from running longer and actually enjoying my time running too.


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