Hero’s Journey ~ Day 34

Day 34 in Hero’s Journey was one of my least favourite exercises to do… mountain climbers. The only two that top climbers are Jump Squats and Star Jumps!

So, for whatever reason (I blame my lapse in judgement on a lack of caffeine!) I decided that I wanted to do Level 3 on HJ this morning, which meant a total of 800 reps/mountain climbers.
I did 3 sets of 200 reps and 2 sets of 100 reps. Just *UGH*…

At least I was not so foolhardy as to slap my ankle weights on as well, I wasn’t completely out of my mind 😛

Total Abs was done on Level 3 again today, definitely starting to feel some soreness in my core this evening.
Though I think that the 7-Day Micro HIIT today helped that along and not to the mention the absurd amount of climbers I did before that and the Daily Dare today too.

Meditation 30-Day Challenge was kind of tough for me today. It didn’t differ much from the previous few days, but instead of flowing from one thought to the next and eventually just having a blank state, today you were suppose to use the “Om Mantra”. So, you didn’t say it externally, you just said it in your head on your exhale and your inhale. It was tough to stay relaxed because I was so focused on paying attention to my breathing and repeating the mantra that I would unknowingly start to tighten my fists and shoulders. I suppose it will get easier with time and practice 🙂


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