Hero’s Journey ~ Day 32

Day 32 was easy day for Hero’s Journey, though I am not complaining about it! I even used my ankle weights today too!!

Second day of the week-long Micro HIIT program was a s***ton of squats so that more than made up for the easy workout with HJ *phew*

Day 2 of Total Abs was plank variations, which I always, always enjoy šŸ™‚
Continued with it on Level 3, which is 7 sets. I’m going to really push to keep up at this level until the end of the program *fist pump*

Also, I decided to the monthly 30-Day Challenge from Darebee. For February it’s the Meditation 30-Day Challenge.
It has some fitness elements to it and learning to meditate is on my list as well, so two birds and one stone right there!

I tried to just do a “fun” run this afternoon, but my body was completely against it. I had an almost constant dull stitch in my left side, my feet felt like blocks of concrete, and my pace was quite frankly just s***…. I finished up to three km, as I never do under that, but it was not a great run *sigh*


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