Hero’s Journey ~ Day 31

Day 31 is a Karma Day for Hero’s Journey, choose to stick with Level 2/7sets. I had a tougher leg day a few days ago and I am not recovered from it yet, so I said a big nope to jump squats!

Starting 7-Day Micro HIIT today, 2 sets of 10 rounds of rotated 30 sec jumping jacks and a 30 sec rest. I wouldn’t say that this was easy.. but it wasn’t really hard either.. Plus, I just really enjoy jumping jacks. Tomorrow’s will be tougher for me!

Also, began Total Abs Program, which is a 30 day program *thumbs up*
I did Day 1 on Level 3 and I think I will try to do the entire program on that level. I think I can do it!

I remember a time when I couldn’t do any core work of any kind on the same day as any exercise resembling a push-up, because it was damn near physically impossible!
Now it doesn’t even matter and I do core exercises almost every single day and push-ups too actually. I’ve come a long way since I started taking my physical fitness much more seriously. It greats to look back every few months and realize that I’ve made some great progress šŸ˜€


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