Hero’s Journey & T10 ~ Day 30

Halfway point with Hero’s Journey Program (Day 30) and it was a nice chill day, planks and wall sit.

I am completely shocked that I am not sore today from the huge amount of push-ups I had to do yesterday for HJ. I have a touch of soreness around my shoulder blades but I think that has more to with my free weight section from yesterday. Consistently using 25 lbs for that now 🙂

Target 10 Challenge is DONE!!!
Finished it off this morning with 10 minute side-to-side leg raises! It feels great to have completed this challenge, because it definitely wasn’t easy!!!

Also, finished up Dragon Week this morning too. I had a lot of fun with the workouts for this themed week and honestly am keeping my favourites on my desktop to do occasionally in with my regular home regime.

I start the 7-Day Micro HIIT Program tomorrow and that is, obviously, only a week-long.

I am toying with the idea of starting the Total Abs Program tomorrow as well.
With it being a Leap Year, starting a program on the 31st would give me exactly 30 days, the length of a program so it’s kind of perfect… I see it as the universe saying that I should hahaha

I have until tomorrow to decide for sure, but now I am definitely leaning towards doing it as HJ isn’t going to be enough for me!


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