Star Wars 30-Day Challenge ~ Day 25 to Day 28

Day 25 ~ Best space battle

I honestly don’t have one.
I think in most of the space battles/chases there are cool or fun elements in them, but nothing as a whole actually sticks out in my mind.

Day 26 ~ Prized Star Wars thing you own

Probably my book collection.

I have collected them since I was a kid and I can’t think of an age when I wasn’t reading some part of the Star Wars series.

This is the biggest reason I am having such a difficult time “letting go” of the Expanded Universe, because it was such a big part of me while growing up.

And honestly I’m re-reading the entire series from start to finish timeline-wise now so it’s always going to be a big part of Star Wars for me.

Day 27 ~ Favourite Star Wars Apparel

It’s kinda of a toss-up between my Boba Fett sweater and my Chewbacca bag đŸ˜€

Day 28 ~ Favourite creature

Ssi-Ruu’s are one of my favourite creatures. They look like super bad-ass Velociraptors!!!



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