Hero’s Journey & T10 ~ Day 27

Started all my working out today with a long run at the indoor track. It went well, did one extra lap than I had planned for a 7.7 km in total distance. I am going to work on probably one long distance run a week, tacking on a bit more each time. I have plenty of time to train so I don’t need to worry too much about quickly getting up to 21 km.

Hero’s Journey was taking on seven assassins (or however many from 1 to 7 you could manage) and I, of course, decided to do all seven! Link here at Darebee.

Target 10 Challenge is done in less than a handful of days and then I start the 7-Day Micro HIIT Program.
That looks like a lot of fun and I can’t wait to start it!

T10 was 10 minute non-stop punches, which are actually fairly easy now. That is not something I thought I would ever say.
Also, it’s one exercise that I will probably keep in at least one of my warm ups once I finish this challenge.

Dragon Week continues on too!
Fourth day/workout this afternoon, Fist of Legend Workout. Only three days left for this themed week đŸ™‚


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