Hero’s Journey & T10 ~ Day 23

My core is fairly sore from the huge amount of planks I did yesterday, plus all the regular exercises I do outside of these fitness programs/challenges. Hopefully I am not as, or not at all, sore tomorrow because it’s another core day!!

Day 23 of Hero’s Journey, is another chase and karma day.

I totally caught the spy (5 sets of one minute high knees) and used ankle weights today too *thumbs up*

Also completed the Bonus/Sub Quest to get 90 high knees within 60 seconds 🙂

Target 10 Challenge was 10 minutes of non-stop side-to-side leg raises, which really isn’t a great time…. I enjoy this exercise just not all in one go typically!

I will probably only get in a bunch of stretching this afternoon/evening. Taking at least Saturday off from running, which is a little depressing for me, but also kind of nice too. I need to make sure I don’t burn myself out with everything.


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