Hero’s Journey Days 17 & 18

I realized later in the evening yesterday that I hadn’t post anything for HJ day 17!

And that is because I’ve had weird pressure/pain throughout most of my chest/diaphragm area for about two days now so I’ve avoided any sitting or standing when possible.
It seems to be just a huge combination of super tight muscles, mostly centered in my back and shoulders, that is causing me this ridiculous discomfort (or I am hoping at least). If I don’t feel better by any degree tomorrow then I’ll be heading to the doctor’s office.

Anyway I’m tacking on Day 17 info/link with Day 18 today for Hero’s Journey. I’ll through my Check-In Thread at the end of the post for more details on daily progress and my points.

Yesterday’s was to failure push-ups and punches on Level 2/7 sets for the first part and weapons’ practice for the second part. I think I will start doing Red Ribbon = Kicks more often as my as$ is sore in the most random spots because of that set of exercises! I clearly need to do be doing those particular actions more often!

Today wasn’t too tough, even with the added body armour (ankle weights), and the bonus quest, the push-up after each high knees. Only 5 rotated sets of 20 high knees, a single push-up, 6 mountain climbers and repeated ten times (10 sets).

So…. 20 high knees, 1 push-up, 6 mountain climbers, 20 high knees, 1 push-up, etc. until done five times to equal 1 set, with a max rest of 2 minutes between sets.

I only have a week and a bit left for the Target 10 Challenge! Lots and lots of squats of this morning!!!

It certainly hasn’t been easy which is good and is kind of the goal when it comes to any fitness challenge. It will feel good to have completed it đŸ™‚

I am playing with the idea of starting the Total Abs Program after I finish the Target 10 one, but I haven’t completely decided yet.
I might wait and see what the next 30-Day Challenge is for February before I pick which one I’ll do. I might want to stick with a HIIT challenge for my second one still depending on difficulty.

I need to start thinking about how I want to train for the half marathon that I might register for in the fall too. So, I may have to side-line dual exercise programs to just focus on one program and running. Going between 5 and 6 km non-stop is still feeling fairly comfortable, but need to start pushing that this week some.

Just hope that I feel physically better tomorrow, I want to be pain-free for a little while pretty please universe!!

Darebee Check-In Thread


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