Hero’s Journey & T10 ~ Day 15

Thankfully my tooth pain is slightly lessened today, but my stomach isn’t feeling great on the account that I haven’t been able to eat much the last few days and taking pain meds for my toothache.

I got through Day 15 for Hero’s Journey with body armour on Level 2 (7 sets); Target 10 Challenge, 10 minute side-to-side leg raises non-stop; and even the Daily Dare, 100 jump squats, despite not feeling awesome in the slightest.

I haven’t even remotely entertained the idea of doing the Weekly Quest, burpees, today so far.

I would really love to go for a run, but I think I should give my body a day break from cardio. I guess I will see how the day plays out and how I am feeling later in the afternoon before I decide on that a hundred percent.

On another note, it the second sunny day in a row 🙂
It’s been overcast for close to three weeks, maybe longer so this is absolutely wonderful!!!

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