Hero’s Journey & T10 ~ Day 13

Day 13 of Hero’s Journey was pretty tough on my arms/shoulders, but I am still feeling good and don’t think I will actually be too sore tomorrow either.

Having that really chill day yesterday was exactly what I needed to finish recouping from everything I’d done over the previous week and a bit.

Also, I put all my free weights up to 25 pounds this afternoon too that were apart of my weapons’ practice with HJ, which is a 5 lb gain for me 😀

I decided to start a Check-In Thread on Darebee this afternoon.
I figured that would make it easier to keep track of my points for the program. This way rather than leaving it several days before I decide to tally it all up I can just do it real quick everyday. I’ll add that link on tomorrows HJ & T10 post.

Target 10 Challenge wasn’t easy today, but it wasn’t super tough either. Definitely started to feel it by the time I got about half way through the sets!

Now, tomorrow’s exercises will be another story, already feeling sorry for what my legs will feel like…

I got out for a quick 4 km at the indoor track, which was great, but I don’t think I will go at the time I did this morning again. It was really busy!!

I think I will stick with lunch time and just after, that seems to be the best time of day so far. Very few people in that time frame usually so I am not zig-zaging between all the slower walkers/runners.


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