Hero’s Journey & T10 ~ Day 12

A chill day, yoga poses basically, for Hero’s Journey Day 12, for which I am absolutely grateful!!

I had such a bad toothache for most of the day, just breathing didn’t feel great 😦 thankfully it isn’t too bad anymore.

And I am actually feeling almost completely recovered from all the push-ups a few days ago so I needed something resembling a rest day rather badly. It’s just time for another 7 sets of push-ups to failure tomorrow hahaha

Target 10 Challenge was a simple one for me today as well, only rotated high knees and jumping jacks, nothing too difficult at all.

I did end up going for a run at the indoor track and I did just under 6.5 km. I surpassed my goal for this time next week this afternoon and I was very pleased to feel like I could have gone longer if my tooth pain had not become damn near unbearable by that point.

My pace is very close to what it was as well before I took a two month break so very glad to see that I am on track to have my 10 km at 55 minutes and under *thumbs up*


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