Hero’s Journey & T10 ~ Day 10

Day 10 of Hero’s Journey and that means a ton of push-ups for part one of today!!

Normally I would love this, but my back is a bit stiff today and now a bit sore too after everything.
Looking forward to sleep tonight and some A5-35!

And for part two it was weapon’s practice so that means free weights, planks, and running for me too.
4 km is finally comfortable for me again and I will try to get up to 6 km by this time next week, I think that is a do-able goal.

Target 10 Challenge was a minute of mountain climbers followed by a minute of flutter kicks. That wasn’t awesome, especially after so many push-ups for HJ, my arms were just shaking during the climbers.

Plus, putting a whole minute of flutter kicks after anything is just stinkin’ cruel…. *Ughhhh* so hard ~ ~ !

Though I am able to go for longer than I used to be able to, which is progress and cause for happiness I suppose.

Hopefully I’ll be a little less sore tomorrow *fingers crossed*


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