Hero’s Journey & T10 ~ Day 9

So, I decided to do the “OR part of Hero’s Journey Day 9, which was 200 jump squats with short 20 sec pauses throughout if needed.

My thinking was “this will be way faster to get done” and it was, but definitely not easier though. Plus, I added the body armour too (ankle weights)!!!
I literally plopped on my ass as soon as I was all done, they are so bloody tough! *blows out a breathe*

While I was showering after finishing my whole workout, my thighs were just a-quivering from all the squats ~ ~

I am not sure how I stayed upright so soon after getting that done hahaha

Most of the Target 10 Challenge was squats today as well and the Daily Dare was side turning kicks (100 reps each side, non-stop for EC).

My legs are pretty sore and loving stretches this afternoon and evening that is for certain!


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