Hero’s Journey & T10 ~ Day 7

One week into both workouts and only three weeks left for the T10 Challenge and seven weeks left for Hero’s Journey, it feels like it’s been longer than a week.

Day 7 for Hero’s Journey was an easier day, which was nice as I am so stinkin’ sore ~ !

I did do the Bonus Quest as well and threw that extra push-up in after each high knee set too.
Some good karma kicks in today for me as well from Day 2 and I get one set less than normal *thumbs up*

Target 10 Challenge is just bloody difficult!! I am almost regretting doing it and yet, I am also super excited to do it each day, though I am very glad it is only 30 days long and not 60 šŸ˜›

It’ll feel awesome to complete this challenge at the end of the month!


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