Hero’s Journey & T10 ~ Day 6

Target 10 Challenge was kind of brutal today with it being 5 sets of one minute sit-ups followed by one minute flutter kicks with no rest in between.

My core felt like it was being ripped to shreds holy smokes ~ ! I haven’t felt that kind of burn in a long while, the kind that steals your breath for a few moments because your abs are screaming at you so you can’t actually get a full breathe in hahaha

Which was surprising, considering I don’t skimp on my core workouts. Imma be hurting pretty bad tomorrow that is for certain!

Hero’s Journey Day 6 is another 2 part day, still working through it on Level 2. I’m hoping to be able to stick with that right up until the end.

First part is an upper body workout and the second is weapon’s training. I did pull-ups, planks, free weights, and running this time around.

I will likely do all four each time or, at least two of them each weapon’s day. It will be totally dependent on how I am feeling physically.

I am definitely all for pushing myself, but I also have pushed too hard in the past and injured myself so I take extra care to pay attention to my body now. Especially any small twinges, as those can become bigger problems very quickly!


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