Star Wars 30-Day Challenge ~ Day 5

Day 5 ~ Favourite faction

I have a few because it is super tough to just pick one.

Clan Fett


Dark Lords of the Sith

An another note, though still Star Wars related…

I am still trying to be all good with this whole “the EU is now Legends” situation *sigh* I understand that it needed to be done, especially if more movies are going to be made, and the Expanded Universe is (was?) intensive. I guess, it’s better this is done now and not 10 years from now, but I have invested a lot of my life/time into it so it’s hard to just move on from it.

I am incredibly glad that I did look at any news, characters, trailers, etc for the new movie before I went and saw it in theatres. If I had then I would have been super disappointed and most likely wouldn’t have gone and seen it.

Not taking the EU into consideration then the movie was fantastic, I enjoyed it, but still hard to watch it without EU eyes that’s for sure.


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