Hero’s Journey & T10 ~ Day 5

I haven’t been this sore in quite some time from doing a fitness program.

Getting out of bed this morning was a much slower process than normal…

Imagine lots of creaky sound effects and plenty of cracking/popping with every movement at my joints. If I didn’t take Glucosamine everyday then I would be a complete wreck ~ ~ !

I am incredibly glad that it was high knees and climbers for the Target 10 challenge today, because I did that first and warmed up everything with that workout before moving on to Hero’s Journey Day 5.

I am (of course) keeping my dragon egg for an extra (optional) minute of recovery between sets.
At this point I doubt I will actually use it, though I may later in the program. I like having the option either way in the future.

Didn’t use body armour (ankle/wrist weights) for today’s sets as I am not feeling a 100%.
I am fighting off the cold that’s going around and so far I am winning and hopefully it stays that way!!

Now for a hot bath and a short nap possibly 🙂


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