Hero’s Journey & T10 ~ Day 4

Hero’s Journey Day 4 is a quick 2 section of exercises, 3 set of 10 reps of each move.

I opted to use “body armour” today, ankle weights, and that made it suitably tough for me. Plus, it means some extra points for today as well.
If I hadn’t used the ankle weights it would have been too easy, so very glad I got some last week!

I think Target 10 is going to tough for me everyday. Each day is going to be a good push for me physically and the fact that I am finding it challenging means that I definitely need to be doing it.

Today was mostly squats…. *insert a slight snerfle face here* and shoulder taps for the other part of that challenge for Day 4.

I know I don’t do regular squats often enough (at least until now…), so it’s my fault that I find them so difficult.

By the end of this challenge I imagine I will have nicely learned my lesson šŸ˜›

Finished off my working out for the day with a 4km run at the indoor track!

I’m already feeling pretty stiff so I’ll have to make sure I do some stretching throughout the evening so that tomorrow isn’t too rough for me.


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