Hero’s Journey ~ Day 3

Hero’s Journey Day 3 was picking out my weapons today!

I decided on Heavy Sword (Pull-Ups), Hammer (Free Weights), and Magic Ring (Planks) for all my weapon specific days.

Also, I will do Bow & Arrow (Running) if the day falls on one that I can actually make it out to the track for a run. Though sometimes I may do stairs at home as well in lieu of not being able to get out.

It will really be dependent of how I am feeling physically or if I have the time in my day to add it in, as my running focus is more on the half marathon than anything else.

Plus, I can add in ankle and wrist weights now for extra points each day if I so choose *thumbs up* I wish I had known this yesterday I would have totally added my weights to make it tougher!

Ah, at least now I know so looking forward to hopefully a small extra challenge.

I nearly did my Target 10 Challenge first thing this morning, which was 10 minute punches, and I am really glad I ended up doing it last because my HJ stuff would have been much harder than it needed to be today. My upper back is gonna be sore ~ ~ ~ ~ tomorrow!!!


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