Hero’s Journey ~ Day 2 & Flexibility Week Complete

Second day of Hero’s Journey, it seemed a little easy today despite choosing the set of harder exercises.

I didn’t bump it up to the next level though because I knew the Daily Dare (4 min Wall Sit) was going to be so tough today, the Weekly Quest this week is Jumping Lunges, and the Target 10 is mostly squats today too.

It’s like the universe somehow knew I wasn’t doing enough regular squats and made this all happen at once 😛

My legs are damn near useless and jelly like ~ ~ ~

Also, I finished the last stretching workout for Flexibility Week – Darebee.com and I really, really enjoyed it 😀

There is a lot of stretches throughout the workouts that I already do on a regular basis before and after my own exercise programs.
I put much more importance on stretching now than I did a year ago, so it was great to add more to my repertoire!


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