Hero’s Journey ~ Day 1 & other fitness notes

Hero’s Journey – Day 1

Got through this fairly quick this morning. The squats kind of slowed me down a bit… 100 reps is a lot…

But I want to try to do it all on at least Level 2 difficultly.

I think I can do it and it will make it challenging everyday, which is kind of what I want.
I certainly don’t want injuries, but I definitely want to feel like I worked my ass off!!!

Also, I decided last-minute (like I so often do with exercise challenges) that I am adding the monthly challenge too.

For January it’s: Target 10 Challenge

I went back and forth since it went up last night on whether I actually wanted to do this one as well.
It has a HIIT element to it that I think I will enjoy. HIIT kind of grew on me once I started the last challenge for December.

And finally the last thing I will mention is that I am close to a 100% decided that I want to run a half marathon (#78) this year.

So… that means I will need to use my running time a bit better than I am and focus on getting physically ready for whichever one I pick to do.
I may go with DirtyFeet again this year, but I’ll need to wait a bit still to see what the courses look like in my area.


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