**First month of fitness challenges done

I completed both 30-Day fitness challenges that I decided on for the month of December this morning.

The last day of the Micro HIIT was kind of brutal with it being just all burpees.

With the 20sec rests it was over 6 minutes long, non-stop ~ ~ ~
Though I am beyond grateful that it wasn’t mountain climbers instead!

Mountain climbers are so hard on my hips and wrists. Until this challenge I didn’t think there was an exercise that I could dislike more than burpees, but climbers have definitely secured that spot nicely over the month.

I actually don’t mind burpees all that much anymore, which is something I never thought I would say!!
They are still tough and I can’t say I love them, but I’m keeping them as a part of my regular workout program.

The Core challenge wasn’t nearly as tough as the HIIT one, but I already had a fairly intensive core workout that I did on a daily basis so that is why it seemed “easier“. The plank reaches on this challenge were something I’d never done before and I will keep those in my regular workout as well.

Tomorrow will be a rest day, or as close to one as I get…
I will still be doing the Daily Dare and Weekly Quest from Darebee (I don’t plan on stopping these at any point), and a short indoor run at the track. I shall refrain from doing any weights though and body weight exercises throughout the day.

On January 1st, 2016 I’m starting Hero’s Journey, a 60 day RPG fitness program from Darebee.com. So, that program will be my fitness challenge for January and February next year.

I think I might do the Age of Pandora Program from Darebee (both parts) after that, which would cover the months March and April.
That isn’t a 100% yet as there are several that I would like to do that look both challenging and fun.

I’ll wait until I get closer to the end of February to decide for sure so I can gauge where I’m at physically. (e.g. any injuries at the time and/or plans for specific training)


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