** swap one small challenge for another

I mentioned very briefly in the beginning of my earlier post that I finished up the seasonal Fit Christmas Fitness Program from Darebee.com and I’ve decided to pick up another short as it’s only a week-long —> Flexibility Week

Again from Darebee.com, they have something interesting for everyone and makes it so simple to reach your fitness goals if you don’t enjoy working out.
Though that isn’t the case for me hahaha I just love to constantly challenge myself physically and I’m hoping to get through the year (2016) without any big injuries from any it *fingers crossed*

Flex Week – D1 – Unbound Workout
So, this one is done for today on top of my other two challenges and my regular weight workout as well. I can already tell that I will probably sleep like a rock tonight.

I only have three days left for my two challenges for December, Micro HIIT and Core. That third week had me extremely unmotivated as I was so tired and sore ~ ~ ~
It’s a good thing I am so darn competitive or I might have actually given up at that point!!

I am still pretty tired and sore, but the end is in sight so I am pumped to get it all done.
I am going to be so pleased with myself when I finish that last day!!!!!


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