**Three weeks in now

I am now three weeks into my first two fitness challenges (Micro HIIT and Core) and I am definitely starting to feel a touch tired.

Yesterday was my first “least motivated to do exercise day” since starting these two challenges. It was difficult to get started, but once the ball was rolling I was into it from start to end.

I actually added one more short challenge for this month a week ago (because I totally needed more to do haha), called: Fit Christmas 12-Day Fitness Program from Darebee yet again. I decided to add this one as it is only a seasonal fitness program and it’s really short too, so why not!

I actually do the Daily Dares and Weekly Quest exercises on the above stated site too. There is just so much to do off of it!!

This last week for my two official challenges is going to be tough and I am looking forward to one whole day of rest after they are finished before I start Hero’s Journey!

Well, to be honest, it will likely include a short run at the indoor track as I am terrible at being stationary/inactive for an entire day…. full rest days are super tough for me to do.

And that is it for my quick fitness update 🙂


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