General 30-Day Challenge ~ Day 30

Day 30 ~ Would you rather read the book or see the movie?

I would always rather read the book.
Not that I think books-made-into movies always stink (some really do, and some don’t), but because I just prefer reading over watching movies.

I seriously suck at sitting through movies, I am the worst fidgeter ever!! I just don’t enjoy being inactive, and quiet, for that long doing basically nothing.

At least with a book, even though it is sitting still for long periods of time, it engages more than just my eyes. Plus, I usually end up in the most strange/awkward positions when I read and I can fidgety my leg/foot/any other appendage to my heart’s content and not drive anyone up the wall!!

When I am reading a really good book I can basically turn my ears “off” and I can’t hear my surroundings at all.
Reading doesn’t make me tired either, so I can’t read books at night because I will just keep reading it until I finish it 😛

That is the end for this first fun 30-Day Challenge!! I start the BTS 30-Day Challenge tomorrow and start my first of at least twelve monthly fitness challenges today. I’ll do a separate post for that a little later on this afternoon 🙂


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