First Fitness 30-Day Challenge ~ x2

I only planned to do one challenge this month but I decided to do two instead as I think they will work good together. I don’t think I will plan to do two challenges every month, it will likely vary depending on the challenges I am doing.

I won’t do a post everyday for the fitness challenge (like I do for the fun ones), because that is kind of redundant and I keep a handwritten account of all my workouts already. Not going to do that twice ~

The main one for this month is: Darebee – Mirco HIIT 30-Day Challenge

This is the challenge picked for the month of December on the site itself, so thought I would give it a shot. I will likely continue with the monthly challenges there as I have done others from the site in the past and found them, not only enjoyable, but challenging too.

The other one I am doing is: Darebee – Core 30-Day Challenge

Decided to add this one last second, but it will help me work towards one other fitness that I do have so that’s why I added it. Plus, I like to mix up my core workouts so I like to try new ones out when I come across them.

Both challenges will be rather easy for about a week and a half, then they will start getting more difficult!

I will also be continuing with my other exercises regimes too. The running and weights isn’t stopping at all, just need to fit everything in somewhere now 😀


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