General 30-Day Challenge ~ Day 28

Day 28 ~ What 3 words would you use to describe yourself.

This is another really quick answer…

1. Stubborn

2. Organized

3. Driven/Focused

Quick Side Note:

Only two days left for this challenge and then I move to the BTS 30-Day Challenge. I did that on purpose as their comeback is technically today, as it’s already the 30th in South Korea. I tweaked and joined two challenges floating about into one challenge. One was kind of repetitive and the other had days that wanted you pick things (songs/mvs) or members that you didn’t like. I don’t want to focus on negative aspects in something like this, not really sure what the point is behind that at all.

I will be doing a Star Wars 30-Day Challenge after that one and I did that on purpose too because of the release of the newest movie 🙂

So, essentially I’ll go from fan-girling about Korean music to Star Wars over the next two months hahaha

I, also, start my first 30-Day fitness challenge in two days, December 1st!!


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