General 30-Day Challenge ~ Day 14

Day 14 ~ Your earliest memory.

Hmmm I will put a few of them as I am not a hundred percent certain of where they fall timeline-wise so I don’t know which one is my earliest. The few that I will list all fall within me being 5-6 years old at the time though.

~ My family had just moved to a bigger trailer in my hometown and I was helping my Pépère dig holes with these big, metal spoons for the fence posts that my dad and him were putting up. He was being silly with me, making me laugh. That is what I remember about him the most 😀

~ Fishing with my dad and younger brother. My brother went to cast his line, and he sucked at it -_- and the fish-hook got caught in my cheek…. I don’t enjoy fishing at all to this day, plus I find it super boring!

~ Sleepwalking into my parents closet when my mom was sick (I think ?) and the babysitter finding me in there.

~ We had this wide skateboard that me and my brother used to ride on kind of like a scooter I guess. Instead of standing up on it we would be leaning down on one knee, pushing with the other leg, and using our hands to steer the board. Well, if the board hit a rock it would instantly stop. So, if you were moving at a good speed the board stopped moving and your body would keep going. This happened to me… Having your face smoosh across pavement doesn’t feel so awesome, though I imagine this would look hilarious to anyone watching it happen.


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