General 30-Day Challenge ~ Day 10

Day 10 ~ Talk about your piercings and/or tattoos, if you have any.

I think I have eleven or twelve tattoos in total now but I have several that will be covered-up eventually. I shouldn’t have gotten tattoos when I was 18/19 years old, because then you need to do what I am doing and plan new (better!) tattoos to cover the original, pointless ones up.

You can see all my tattoos here ( as well as some of the plans I have for my cover-ups in the future. I have no plans for tattoos in new locations at this point and that has been consistent from day one. I have only additions and cover-ups planned for the time being.

My finished back piece is here —>

I used to have way more piercings that I do, but when I had surgery a handful of years ago I just never bothered putting the piercings back in afterwards. I don’t really miss them and it means less jewelry to clean and catch on objects and clothing!
My ear lobes are stretched to 3/4″ and there is a possibility of going up to 1″ but I am not decided yet. I have been having issues with small tears with the size they are at because my eyelets are so heavy as they are just solid metal. Either way I like having the option available to me 🙂

These are my current tunnels. I like the weight of them as plastic ones tend to break often with me, but they are tough on my lobes and the sides of my head.


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