General 30-Day Challenge ~ Day 7

Day 7 ~ Zodiac Sign and if you think it fits your personality.

~ My Zodiac Sign is Taurus and I think for the most part that my sign does fit my personality. There are a few things I don’t agree with but a lot of the traits are fairly accurate.

Taurus ~ the Sign of Earth

Horoscope Traits For Taurus suggest that Taurus is one of the most prominent signs of Earth. Just like the other signs of Earth are noted for their practicality, Taurus too is extremely practical in its approach towards life.
Taureans believe in facing life as it is and there is no escaping from reality. Their practical nature provides great supports to the other zodiac signs which are of emotional nature.

Taurus Characteristics

– Jealous and possessive
– Resentful and inflexible
– Self-indulgent and greedy
– Possessively, permanently
– Patient and reliable
– Warm-hearted and loving
– Persistent and determined

The bull is always steadfast but also has immense patience. They are very strong from deep within that makes them sail through the roughest of times. They love experimenting with their life and have immense interest in art, crafts, music and films. Their strong determination portrays the Taureans as a never-say-die attitude. They would keep digging deep and not go to rest until they get what they want. The Taurean mind always thinks before working. The thinking process for a Taurean is very methodic, careful and decisive. They are very soft at heart with generally a soothing and gentle voice. They are very patient listeners and often would listen and encourage anyone in trouble. The Taurean women play the best agony aunt and offer the most comfortable shoulder to cry on. With a very practical thinking power, Taureans can come up with great solutions.

Taureans are known for being stubborn and strong-willed. Their wrong-headedness, possessiveness, greed and jealousy stand among their negative qualities. The overtly possessive Taureans sometimes land into deeper trouble for this nature. There can be moments when a relationship can be advert affected due to over-possessiveness of a Taurean.

Taurus Personality Traits

Persistence: Taureans are always adored for their endurance power, stamina and patience. You have to shed a lot of energy to agitate a true Taurean. Sometime, the patience imbibed in every Taurean also works against them.

Rebellious: Taureans are born as a rebellious. They have this nature of trying to solve every problem around them; hence they often get into deep complications. Even if things laid simple enough a Taurean would generally twist and turn things according to their will and make it complicated.

Obstinate: Taureans are very self-dependent people. They would prefer to follow their own way and act accordingly. Most of the time they would have a very practical way to come out of it. The stubborn nature of Taureans makes then go the way they have chosen. Once they make up their mind it is impossible for them to change the way they think. .

Hard Working and Determined: The Taureans are go-getters. They never give up any work they decide to do. They are hard workers in everything they do. Taureans sometime treat their work as fun, which makes their job easier. Their strong will and determination mark them from the other zodiac signs.

Reliable: Taureans believe in faith and trust. You can completely rely upon them. Their trustworthy nature help them gain faith and confidence over others easily.


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