General 30-Day Challenge ~ Day 4

Day 4 ~ Which modern conveniences would you miss most if you lived in a cabin in the woods?

Electricity, providing my cabin was that bare minimum, if it had electricity then Internet/wi-fi. As long as I could charge my iPod so I could listen to music or play cds on my player I would be golden *thumbs up* I can’t survive without music!

I don’t have my phone connected now so not having a phone wouldn’t be an issue for me and I rarely watch TV so I wouldn’t care much about that either. I prefer being active, constantly doing things.

Hmmm not being able to just zip out to the grocery store for a staple food item when you run out is something I would absolutely miss too. This situation would become such a long process for one item or I’d have to go without, neither is an ideal outcome.


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