*Those Updates I Was Talking About

I finally sat down yesterday to take a look through my list and complied what I am working on at the moment or going to be starting now/soon.

(#2) Learn all songs by all artists/bands that I own and review/rate
~ This is always in progress! I might need to put a “ban” on acquiring new music for a time period so I actually make some forward progress πŸ˜› I do have a few Music Review drafts that I just need to finish up and then I can post them. Lately, I am listening to Kpop and some older artists like Phil Collins, Goo Goo Dolls, and Bryan Adams.

(#12) Learn to box and/or kickbox
~ I got a few tips after a particular grueling class this summer with a friend and I practice several times a week at home. So glad I have my own equipment at home! Plus, I added Pylometric training into my workout regime and upped my plank routine too. It is no joke! Seriously. I would like to take a regular class eventually but for now this is adequate.

(#42) Get over my fear of heights
~ I am actually going to mark this one off. This summer I went rappelling and climbed the side of a cliff without any ropes(!), I would have gotten further if my arms weren’t off the short, t-rex variety! I wouldn’t say that heights don’t scare me anymore but I don’t let it stop/immobilize me from doing something anymore if it’s up high. This is an amazing feeling!! I need to give my brothers a huge thank you because the motivation of not being teased for the foreseeable future is rather great haha *thumbs up*

(#51) Star Wars Movie Marathon
~ So this is happening next week, six days from now!
Not excited for it or anything πŸ˜€

(#55) Learn Korean
~ This is what language I’m working on the most now. I got the Rosetta Stone for it so that is making it a little easier honestly. I like the approach for the most part. I am trying to not learn in a romanized fashion because it just makes it harder to learn to read and write in the long run.

(#66) Do a new 30-Day Fitness Challenge each month for a year
~ My regular regime (minus my boxing part) is getting kind of monotonous so I thought this would be a good way to change things up and possibly try some new stuff that I may not have otherwise. I am still in the process of picking them all but will list them once I do, this will help hold me to them for the year. I will probably start this December 1st.

(#70) Learn Japanese
~ Still working on this a bit, not as much as Korean now obviously. I have this for Rosetta Stone now too. But, my focus has been on learning the Kana and Kanji lately. I regret that all my earlier studying was based upon everything being romanized, it’s made learning the Kanji/Kana difficult.

(#78) Run a half marathon


(#79) Complete an Obstacle Course Race

~ I am kind of training for both but I am only going to do one next year. I originally was 100% decided on an Obstacle Course Race but I don’t know if I could be ready for that yet and I would need to have a solid team too. I am competitive so while I don’t need to win, I still want to place decently.

(#80) Write myself a letter to read in 10 years
~ I have written a few drafts already but I’m trying to get it “just right” -_- I just need to write until I am finished writing and then stuff it into an envelope! I am making it too complicated!

(#81) Go to a rodeo
~ I had an opportunity to go to one this summer/fall as one comes to IEP every year but I was’t able to make it. So, I will be going next year. It’s planned!

(#82) Read all the classics
~ This is still in progress but I just haven’t had much time to sit and read 😦

(#91) Learn one type of martial arts
~ My son started Karate this summer and because he is Autistic I’ve needed to attend with him. So, I have been learning it with him as sometimes he needs full physical prompting through the motions and I need to be able to help him practice at home too. I find it to be kind of…. awkward I suppose.. It’s fun but I definitely perfer boxing πŸ™‚

(#100) Learn how to make kimchi
~ My brother knows how to make it so he said he will teach me!

(#104) Read all books and review/rate
~ Again haven’t really had time to do any reading over the last few months. Hoping I will have some time when Christmas Break is here.

(#115) Do a fun 30-Day Challenge for each month for a year
~ This is starting today and the ones I am doing are:
1) General 30-Day Challenge
2) 30-Day BTS Challenge ~ for right after their November comeback
3) 30-Day Star Wars Challenge ~ I wanted to do this after the new movie came out!
4) 30-Day Writing Challenge
5) 30-Day Disney Challenge
6) 30-Day Kpop Challenge
7) 30-Day Book Challenge
8) 30-Day TV Show Challenge
9) 30-Day Song Challenge
10) 30-Day Harry Potter Challenge
11) 30-Day Movie Challenge
12) 30-Day Video Game Challenge

(#118) Write a short story
~ I actually started this, this summer and got a lot written but it’s definitely not finished and I am stumped as to where I want it to go. I’ll look through what I have written laster today and see if any new inspiration strikes!

(#122) Teach someone else to play an instrument
~ Working on teaching my son to play piano and possibly bass. His attention span is limited and so is his comprehension but I am just glad that he is so interested in music!

(#125) Upgrade school transcript and do post-secondary schooling
~ Still working on upgrading *sigh* the whole process is more complicated now and costly too.


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