#48 ~ Be able to do 200 sit-ups in one set — DONE!

When I got to the Spring of this year I honestly questioned whether I would be able to actually accomplish this goal, I wasn’t sure I could physically pull it off. I suffered a few injuries throughout the summer (thanks to my own eagerness and pushing myself too hard *bad Val*) and therefore struggled to keep a consistent workout schedule for all types of training for a few months.
And now within the time frame I wanted to get this goal done in (before the end of October this year), I DID IT!!! * insert silly happy dance here* hahaha

My core will be so sore tomorrow ~~ Already feeling it in my obliques!

I just need to keep it up, which shouldn’t be a challenge as I have a good routine for the most part with my core workouts. Plus, I like having decent abs 😛

I will be focusing more on my push-up goal now, just over half way to my goal of 50 push-ups at the moment.

I had intended to do an update post a while ago now but I just haven’t had the time… I will try to fit it in today or tomorrow, providing that I get my son’s school lessons organized for the week done and my math unit done this morning!


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