*updates, updates, updates!!

This first chunk of items is stuff that is kind of always ongoing. Some progress, but not necessarily an end in sight as of yet.

(#2) learn all songs by all bands/artists I have in my possession ~ always picking up new music, but I’ve been only listening to music lately when I am working out or running.

(#12) learn to box/kickbox ~ no official training yet, but I go through combos that I pick up from other people and practice keeping my guard up. Apparently there is a place nearby that only charges fifty bucks a month, which is an amazing deal!

(#13) be able to do 50 push-ups ~ I’m back up to 30 again just trying to make sure that I don’t hurt my shoulder. Slowly, but surely!

(#15) write music to all my songs and share with one person ~ I’ve been a touch more focused on this as of late. Especially since it’s been so hot out and it’s been tough to fall asleep.

(#48) be able to do 200 sit-ups ~ still only at 100 a set at the moment. I will start working harder on this one soon.

(#82) read all the classics ~ I haven’t had much time to read lately so no progression with this over the last few months.

(#104) read all my books and review/rate ~ basically the same thing as I mentioned on the previous one… I’ll try to make more time for some reading before the summer is over!

(#113) no more swearing ~

(#123) be able to do a handstand ~ in progress!

(#129) be able to do the splits in both directions ~ to the side is coming along alright, definitely more flexible than I used to be, but still a ways to go.

The fitness goals on my list kind of took a backseat to my training for my race at the end of May, so it’s been a slower process of fitting them all back into my daily workouts.


The rest is stuff I plan to do by the end of this year or is in the works to happen (or is a possibility) for next year.

(#5) go skinny dipping ~ I plan to have done this by the end of summer. Just need to find a good spot 🙂

(#11) white water rafting ~ possibly doing this with a friend next year, if money and time permit

(#21) go skydiving ~ I will choose to do this over rafting providing we can get enough people together for a jump.

(#23) learn to meditate ~ I need to carve out some time for this list item if it’s going to get done.

(#28) go bungee jumping ~ I’d like to do this next year, there is a place close by to go to and it’s a good price too.

(#38) go to a nude beach ~ apparently there is one in the Vernon area and might go there before the summer’s end

(#42) get over my fear of heights ~ I’ve gotten pretty good with dealing with this issue. Not over it yet and I may never fully be, but I’ve made huge progress and it isn’t a paralyzing fear anymore. Thank goodness I am such a stubborn, competitive person!

(#45) get contacts ~ I want to have contacts before I do Tough Mudder next year. I don’t want to be worried about losing or breaking my glasses.

(#51) Star Wars movie marathon ~ doing this before school starts back up in September as I won’t have time after then and I want to get it done before the next movie is out so I don’t have to do seven movies back to back.

(#55) learn Korean ~ sort of in progress, not a big focus for me now, but I’m picking it up now and then.

(#57) take a yoga class ~ I will likely go through Groupon to do this, maybe through the winter months this year.

(#60) ride a dirt bike ~ an opportunity has presented itself for me to get this one done this summer. Hopefully it works out!

(#68) get professional nude photos done ~ This I am wanting to do next year, in the Spring probably. I really wanted to finish my back piece before I got them done, so it’s good to go now!

(#70) learn Japanese ~ work on this now and then as well, just haven’t had enough time to put in a huge effort now.

(#72) write my will ~ this is so important and needs to get done. I need to stop procrastinating about it.

(#79) complete an Obstacle Course Race ~ doing Tough Mudder at whistler next year 😀

(#80) write a letter to myself to read in 10 years ~ end of the week I’ll have this done and put into the safe.

(#91) learn one type of martial arts ~ my son has started Karate recently and I’ve enjoyed it myself when I go with him so I think that I would like to start taking lessons too.

(#96) have a huge pillow fight ~ I’d sort of planned to do this last year but it didn’t work out. If I can get it planned fast enough, then could do it this summer. Plus, super close to a park and field that would be the perfect setting for it.

(#100) learn how to make Kim-chi ~

(#107) plant a herb garden ~ this is partly started, I had more planted but my son over watered a few of them and they died 😦 I need to pick what else I want to grow and restart.

(#118) write a short story ~ I actually started this in the spring but it’s been on hiatus since then. I’ll have to find it now, since it got put who-knows-where when we moved a few months ago.

(#119) re-learn how to rock climb ~ went rappelling with my brother about a month ago for the first time. I had a lot of fun and definitely want to get back into it.

(#125) upgrade my school transcript and do some post-secondary schooling ~ I am in the middle of upgrading. I have all my maths, physics and english to do come September and hopefully be done in time to apply to UBC for next year.


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