*that feeling of accomplishment

I had my 10 km trail run this past Sunday and it was so much fun!! I was incredibly nervous the night before and the morning before the race started. Not because I thought I would do badly, I actually did pretty good, but it was because of the waiting. I just wanted to get running and not stand/sit around waiting to start running.

Me and my friend, Stacy before the race

Me and my friend, Stacy, before the race (Photo taken by Kyle Crane)

I am so glad the run took place in the morning not only because of the lower heat, but also, because of how awful it would have been to be waiting all morning getting more and more nervous haha

The terrain for this race was a little rocky in some places, especially on the single file trail parts. Definitely needed to be extra aware of where you were putting your feet on those as they were a touch overgrown in some places too. The beginning of the race started off with some ups, downs, and flats all spattered about and then it just went up for about one kilometer, might even have been more than that as time seemed to stand still for that stretch. That was the toughest part of the race for me, and many of the other racers there too. After that it got flat and almost all downhill, which was so freakin’ awesome!!  I love picking up so much speed that it feels like I am flying 🙂

Me almost at the finish line

Me almost at the finish line (Photo taken by Kyle Crane)

Race course and my time ~ I forgot to turn my app off once I crossed the finish line so my finish time is actually about 1 hr and 14 min

Race course and my time

Elevation for this race

Elevation for this race

I am definitely doing this race again next year and I know I’ll do even better, because I have a year to train instead of only 4 months and I have a better idea of what I should and need to focus on too!

Big thank you to Kyle Crane for grabbing some pics of us, as it didn’t even occur to me to do so, thank you sir!

And another huge thank you to DirtyFeet for putting this race on and all the volunteers that helped put it all together and made it happen. The trail route was extremely well-marked, with flags and arrows so there was absolutely no second guessing if you were going the right way or not, and there was lots of snacks/drinks once you crossed the finish line. For a first race, this was an amazing experience and I am completely hooked and despite being super sore, I can’t wait to do it again 😀

Me and Stacy after the race ~ she's almost literally just come across the finish line here (Photo taken by Kyle Crane)

Me and Stacy after the race ~ she’s almost literally just come across the finish line here (Photo taken by Kyle Crane)


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