*Random Musings About Running

When I say I enjoy running long distances to someone who doesn’t know how much I love being physically active (or they don’t run themselves), then the first thing out of their mouth is usually “What?! You’re crazy!”.  I assure you, I am not crazy (or, at least, not most days heh heh), and I am definitely not the only person who does this either!

I started running last fall (August 2014) purely as an easy form of cardio as I wasn’t doing anything besides lifting weights and I needed a better balance. I never, ever thought that I would eventually work my way up to loving it, looking forward to it after a rest day, or purposely trying to run further than I did the previous week in preparation for a race.

Running is definitely addictive. There are some days I am almost humming with excitement in anticipation of going out for my run, especially if the weather is beautiful. And there are other days where I certainly feel like it’s more of a chore to get out the door, but once I start running I am so glad I did and I end up going further than I intended to for the day. With running I love to challenge myself and I am noticing that I am not nearly as competitive with running as I am with other physical activities. I am perfectly content to slowly better myself, seeing what my body is capable of doing, and how far I can push myself each time I go out.

On days where I don’t want to push myself, I usually just think of my brother and how he would egg me on to go further, or faster. I may not be a competitive runner, but I am absolutely competitive with my younger brothers!!

not easier, better

I am the type of person who prefers dripping with sweat (literally), running in the middle of the afternoon, than having a runny nose and watery eyes when it’s cold out. I am quite miserable when I am cold, so once the temperature drops I have a difficult time gearing myself up for outdoor running. I mean, who would actually like having their nose running so badly that you can barely breathe and your eyes tearing up so it looks like you are crying?! Nobody! That’s who! hahaha

With only having about a month left of training for my 10km run at the end of May, I am honestly stressing out a bit. I am only up to just over 6 km and I want to be able to do at least 8km before the run, maybe even close to 9km, but I am not pushing for that as I don’t want to hurt myself.
For my long run last week, I nearly gave up a few times. It was the first time in a while that I had been so completely unmotivated to continue and it was quite frustrating! I am a determined, stubborn person not a quitter, so it was extremely out of character for me.

My last few runs have been so fantastic, so I am attributing that weird slump to colder weather 🙂


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