A Couple Quick Updates ~

#29 – Be able to run for a solid 30 minutes, both indoors and outdoors ~ I can now run for 30 minutes indoors and I will be outdoors REAL soon too!! I am up to just under 5 km (literally 4.97!) and I am running that in less than 30 minutes at the moment. I’ve got just under 3 months until my run, I feel like I am on track 🙂

#48 – Be able to do 200 sit-ups in one set with no assistance ~ last week I finally pushed out a set of 100 *happy dance* I think I’ll be able to do this by the summer!

#80 – write a letter to myself to read in 10 years ~ I have a copy of this done but I just need/want to give it a good read through to make sure it’s what I want to say. Trying to not over-think it too much, which seems to be the challenging part haha

#107 – plant a herb garden ~ Now that the Spring weather is nearly here I’m going to start sorting out what I would like to plant. I have Oregano, Basil, Dill, and Chives now, so I can plant those indoors to start with sometime this next week.

#118 – write a short story ~ this isn’t really any further than simply thinking about it but I’ve mulled it over more and more lately. What kind of story I want it to be, the types of characters, if I want the story line to be really weird or have a totally effed-up ending as I am a fan of those… lots to think about!

#123 – be able to do a handstand with no help ~ I practiced just holding my weight up on my arms, sort of “teddy bear” stand, and I can hold it for almost a minute now and my wrists don’t feel like they will snap in half anymore!

#125 – upgrade my schooling and go to college! ~ I have a meeting in a handful of days to talk with a College Advisor about upgrading and then what I would need to do after that to do the schooling I want to do. I’m excited!!


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