Music Review ~ “Dead By April”

Artist: Dead By April
Albums: Self-Titled (2009), Incomparable & Stronger (2011), Let The World Know (2014)
Genre: Melodic Metalcore ~ Melodicore, Electronicore, Alternative
Years Active: 2007 – Present
Rating Out of Five: 4.5
Record Label: Universal, Spinefarm

For Fans Of… Attack Attack!, I See Stars, Crown the Empire

This is a band I came across via as that is where I usually go when I am looking for new music. I am a fan of the if you liked this… try this… part of the website, it cuts down on mindless searching and you can preview the songs.

From the first time I heard them, I LOVED them! I have them on almost every device that I own that can play music, they are on all of my playlists because I like this band that much!! It is a rarity for me to enjoy a band/artist this much and/or all of their songs.

Melodic Metalcore, or Melodicore, is one of my favourite genres of music. I love a beautiful blending of screaming and singing and this band does a perfect job of balancing out the two, in my opinion.

Typical of most music I listen to, lyrics play a very huge part in how much I enjoy a band and Dead BY April does not disappoint! I think one of the things I like the most about this band is how many of their songs don’t fall into a rhyme scheme (e.g. first line rhymes with third line, second line rhymes with fourth line). I feel like writing this way, especially when songwriting, can stunt creativity or force lyrics into a song in a way that doesn’t get what you want to say across properly. This is not to say that I dislike songs with lines that rhyme or that this band doesn’t have songs like that (because they do), I just like this approach way more and it is personally how I write my music so I can appreciate it more.

Throughout all three albums I like that there overall sound doesn’t change much. Which is quite remarkable considering how many members have changed since the beginning of the band being formed in 2007. For many, many artists/bands you hear an evolution through their music, some for the better and some for worse, and while there is some subtle changes there is nothing dramatically different over the course of their albums. I like that I am able to immediately tell when I am listening to this band and that I don’t need to cycle through other bands that may sound similar because their sound is just so obvious.

I honestly can’t think of anything that I don’t like about this band. They have great lyrics, the music is put-together so well, and you can dance or head bang to it if you like.

Beautiful Nightmare ~ from Let The World Know album and one of my favourite tracks on my running playlist

As A Butterfly ~ from Let The World Know album

Calling ~ from Incomparable album

Crosswords ~ from Incomparable album and one of my favourites from this album

Stronger ~ from a compliation album and, yet, another favourite


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