Days 338 & 339 ~ daily gratitude

Day 338

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) being able to switch my son over to some IEP subjects for school so it’s not too overwhelming for either of us as he isn’t close to meeting some of the learning outcomes this year

(2) mailing the Christmas cards this afternoon

(3) I don’t completely dislike the snow

(4) I got to talk with my Hulkhands for a bit tonight

(5) I got through a pile of papers that had gathered on the corner of my desk. Really, really trying to keep it clear!

Day 339

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) getting the walkway and sidewalk shovelled in front of the house this morning

(2) I got a good chunk of my ‘read’ books marked off in my GoodReads account. They were definitely starting to pile up!

(3) all the pictures are taken and sent for my son’s emotion/zones book

(4) my son will ask me to sing for him sometimes when he needs help calming down

(5) so many flavoured candy canes


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