Days 316 to 325 ~ daily gratitude

Day 316

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) I found a good recycling symbol to use as reference

(2) my brother has leave for Christmas!

(3) eating meals together. Such an uncommon practice these days

(4) I got my nearly over-flowing “out” box filed away today

(5) barefoot running. Easier on my body and I make way better time pace-wise per km and overall distance.

Day 317

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) white out pens

(2) re-organized all the arts/crafts stuff and games. It’s more tidy now and I can find things!!

(3) my mom lending me her blue paint

(4) I got my Christmas card list all ready to go

(5) butter flavoured syrup on scrambled eggs!!

Day 318

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) I got up early and had time to play video games for a bit

(2) the landlord stopping by and grabbing the cheques for the next six months

(3) I got the new recycling bin all painted and the symbols drawn on. Now just need to line it so it doesn’t get wrecked.

(4) new toileting visuals for my son that seem to be working so far

(5) a new transparent shower curtain

Day 319

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) I got to watch my brother play Destiny for a bit. It looks like a cool game and I’d prolly really enjoy it

(2) the bus driver let me ride for free today

(3) I was able to go over and give my brother & his wife a hand with moving

(4) And that my mom was able to come and watch my son while I went and helped out

(5) gas heat and not electric

Day 320

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) double-jointed ankles

(2) my son crawling into bed before I woke up for cuddles

(3) my knee isn’t hurting too bad today

(4) playing a video game while taking a hot bath

(5) listening to music as I fall asleep

Day 321

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) rooms with great acoustics

(2) getting my son’s birthday gift today!!

(3) bobbi-pins

(4) finally being able to do a set of ten reps of regular pull-ups!

(5) fixing my nail clippers

Day 322

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) my forearms are sore this morning

(2) I got all my trip photos posted!!

(3) I’m back up to being able to do 30 push-ups a set. Fingers-crossed for no more pulled/strained muscles!

(4) the first shave on a new razor blade. Sooo smooth ~~~ haha

(5) cherry body lotion

Day 323

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) laying on the bed, in the dark, listening to music until the early hours in the A.M. I used to do this all the time when I was younger and it’s when I write music the best too.

(2) the library has some Studio Ghibli DVDs available for loan

(3) ice and wraps

(4) stir fry rice and veggies

(5) getting my lunch and supper made for tomorrow

Day 324

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) making some good progress through my Christmas cards list

(2) getting more 3mm hooks so I could hang up some more framed stuff 🙂

(3) verbal time warnings work with my son

(4) figuring out the Lost Woods (Saria’s Song) on the piano with my brother

(5) my Kobo Arc

Day 325

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) getting up early and decorating for my son’s birthday today!!! 😀 He’s 7 years old!

(2) the nice woman at Scandia who gave my son the toy he wanted even though we didn’t have enough tickets to get it.

(3) playing arcade games with my son (and for Nana driving us and Auntie Julie and Cousin Reilly for coming too)

(4) sucking up the cold weather and doing an outside run

(5) my dad bringing over a staple gun and my brother stapling the lining into the new recycling bin. It’s all finished now and it won’t get wrecked!!


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