Days 204 to 214 ~ daily gratitude

Day 204

I’m Grateful For/That….

(1) I’m pretty focused when I’m working on something

(2) being almost done my Lego: The Hobbit game. I wanna see that 100% !

(3) starting to plan how the trip out to see my brother is going to go. Gotta be organized.

(4) cleaning up my desk! It was sooooo bad!

(5) running with music

Day 205

I’m Grateful For/That….

(1) getting all the vacuuming done

(2) having the last meeting before school starts done this morning

(3) doing an extremely amazing job at ignoring my phone all day!

(4) getting ready curriculum-wise for my son’s school year

(5) baking chocolate chip oatmeal cookies for my mom

Day 206

I’m Grateful For/That….

(1) having a ride to and from the grocery store

(2) my mom doing some sewing on some of my shirts

(3) my son likes Stargate so much. Such a good show!

(4) polite people. Hearing “Thank You” or “You’re Welcome” is a rare occurrence

(5) a big fancy light saber as a motivational treat for my son

Day 207

I’m Grateful For/That….

(1) my son helping water the plants

(2) detailed notes and schedules

(3) that even though I live downtown I am for enough away from Center of gravity (CoG) to not have to deal with all the drama or douchery

(4) spending lots of time outside

(5) I only sprained my toe and didn’t break it

Day 208

I’m Grateful For/That….

(1) having minimal (very minimal) sewing skills haha

(2) iced cappuccinos

(3) smooth transitions

(4) eating dinner on the front stoop

(5) the Kelowna RCMP coming to the house within a few minutes of me calling 911

Day 209

I’m Grateful For/That….

(1) cleaning up and organizing the play room

(2) sun tanning, reading and BBQing

(3) hats that keep the sun out of my eyes

(4) sorting and building Lego

(5) visiting with a neighbour

Day 210

I’m Grateful For/That….

(1) waking up before my alarm

(2) not forgetting my run today

(3) checklists

(4) my little man being a great helper with the chores

(5) getting the bacon and chicken portioned and into the freezer

Day 211

I’m Grateful For/That….

(1) not sleeping through my alarm so I was ready to go for 3:30 am

(2) an adapter to charge my phone in the car

(3) the drive to Calgary went by fairly quickly

(4) seeing my oldest friend for a short visit. Sucked that it couldn’t be longer 😦

(5) Apple Maps — so impressed with this app, it’s amazing!!

Day 212

I’m Grateful For/That….

(1) getting to go to my brothers graduation from battle school at Wainwright, AB

(2) today not being as hot out as it was the last few days

(3) a physical map of Alberta

(4) FaceTime

(5) sleeping in my own bed

Day 213

I’m Grateful For/That….

(1) my son was super excited to see me this morning

(2) doing my exercises today. I missed doing them so much!!

(3) my mom did all my dishes for me (Thanks Mom :D)

(4) playing piano with my son

(5) lamb chops

Day 214

I’m Grateful For/That….

(1) not needing the air conditioning on until the afternoon

(2) making up goofy games while playing in the sprinkler

(3) I’m running for a solid 7 minutes now! *fist pump* YES!! Upped by five minutes since I started almost 4 weeks ago 🙂

(4) spartan push-ups ~ they are fun!

(5) a simple yoga routine. so relaxing after a full workout


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