~ the revisions ~

I tried to really take into account my physical limits when I looked through some of the things on my Bucketlist this time around. Some of them sound really fun or exciting until I thought of the reality of it and went “ummm… yah I don’t think so..” haha


I set this up to look like this “old task” —-> “new task”

(#1) Learn Russian —-> learn Mandarin
~ Until recently I would have said I wasn’t interested in learning Mandarin but not it has caught my attention. Plus, I have zero plans to ever travel to Russia so therefore would never use it so what would be the point in learning it. So, Russian is out and Mandarin is in!

(#29) Alphabet Walk —-> be able to run for a solid 30 minutes
~ Most of the walks I do now I have my son with me so I don’t really have the luxury of slowly taking my time to complete this task. As well, now that I started running again and I wanted to make a clear goal for it so I don’t give up on it.

(#39) Go streaking —-> get my hunting license
~ I have absolutely no desire to go streaking at all anymore, which is why I changed this one haha

(#60) For a whole day can only say words in one syllable —-> ride a dirt bike
~ I can’t realistically complete this as my son needs better communication than one syllable words to keep his (and my) frustrations down. If I did this on a day I didn’t have him then there just wouldn’t be anyone around making the task moot.

(#65) Go scuba diving —-> go roller skating!!
~ I do not like water and the idea of being submerged in it with the possibility of air running out or being disconnected or, you know, running into a creature with teeth…..kinda terrifies me!! I think if the opportunity presented itself in an extremely safe way with VERY clear water then I may very well still do this but for the time being it’s a big no thank you!

(#100) Learn how to do a flip (back/front) —-> learn how to make kimchi
~ I love kimchi and I would love to learn how to make it so I can have it as often as I like 🙂 Recently I watched my brother do a flip and all I could think was “nope, I would definitely hurt something badly”. It would be awesome to do a flip but, physically I am not even sure I could pull off a cart-wheel without giving myself a boo-boo!

(#111) Spend a day pretending to be invisible —-> get my passport
~ Getting my passport has been an almost ten-year process of me procrastinating…seriously! I am nearly finished with this FINALLY! And once it’s done it will be super simple to renew it when the time comes. The ‘spending the day pretending to be invisible’ isn’t something I could do now as I would feel like a total jerk if I ignored someone who was talking to me or trying to interact with me in some way.

(#124) Get into a bridge from standing, then a kick out to standing again —-> finish my online TESL courses
~ Changing this one boils down to physical ability again. I can still get into a bridge from standing but it almost always results in an extremely sore back for the next few days. With how much I exercise on a daily basis I don’t like falling behind in my training just because I decided to be dumb and do something to hurt myself. Having sore muscles is one thing, and deal-able, but having actually pulled/strained muscles is a mess that I don’t want at all.


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